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Tina Pruitt ConsultingHi y’all and welcome to my website that has been a little “disrupted” of late, but it will be back looking super great REAL SOON! Sorry for the “mess’!

So, I am Tina Pruitt, a multi-passionate mompreneur who is super excited about life and loving big.

I am an author, inspirational speaker, and an indie game/app developer for mobile devices – yes, I get to play games every day! I have over 20 apps in the store right now and I LOVE what I do!

And, yes, I used to be a healthy lifestyle expert (well, I am still am, but don’t offer that as consulting any longer), so you WILL find lots of yummy recipes and blog posts on healthy living!  As a 3-time breast cancer, I have a lot of great experiences to share with you for sure!

So, whatever brought you to this page, take a moment and look around, and again, please excuse the clutter as we work towards getting this place cleaned up a bit! Just know that I would love to speak at your next event, chat with you about your upcoming app project (and help you get your first Request for Proposal), or schedule some time to get your business in tip-top shape.

The possibilities are limitless.  And so are you.

xo, Tina


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