Motivation Time for Entrepreneurs

August 2013

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What The Heck Am I Up To?

Wow, I have been gone for some time from actively blogging on my website, but want to share some things with you all that have been happening with me, and also to share a great video to help you with motivation.

Ladybug Flyers Joyride

Another super cool thing is I get to “work” with my son, as he has helped with game conception (ideas), characters, and gameplay! He loves it too! I mean, really, what kid wouldn’t love for their parent(s) to make games for a living! LOL

I have been actively growing my Indie App Development business , Cartwheel Studios, and am happy to share that as of today, I have six apps in the App Store!  They are all games and  I am loving what I do!

Yes, I get to design, make, and play games all day!

I Could Just Pop!

So, the journey has been very cool with my first release on March 29th, and at the moment, many more in the pipeline! Being an entrepreneur, even for games, DOES have its challenges…but I am so excited about them and the future that I could just POP!!!

Just to share, I saw the below video for the first time today and simply loved it. While I don’t need – or I should say desire – all the material things shown in the video, I love the message and know they simply symbolize to me the “freedom to choose” the environment I wish to live and love in….and that is just AWESOME to me.

Elegance, grace and freedom.  This is what I desire.

So, give yourself about 9 minutes to watch this motivational video and let it all stir up inside you…LISTEN TO THE WORDS, READ THE WORDS…then make it effin’ happen!


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Your Daily Green Juice Recipe

February 2013

Hi everyone! I wanted to share one of my favorite green juice recipes that you can make and drink literally EVERY day.  This is my “go-to”, delicious green juice recipe folks, and it is included in both of my downloadable books.  One of my mentors and good friends, Trey Smith, has been sick and asked for a great green juice recipe specifically – so here it is just for you!

Your Daily Green Juice – Recipe By Tina Pruitt! 

Servings: 2


– 3 medium cucumbers

4 leaves kale (curly or lacinato)

6 stalks of celery

1 small to medium broccoli floret (including stalk)

1 to 2 garlic cloves

1 to 1.5 inch of fresh ginger

Green Juice Preparation

Juice all ingredients in juicer.

If using a centrifugal juicer, wrap the garlic in 2 kale leaves to juice. Ditto for the ginger.

If you have a masticating juicer, consider adding a couple handfuls of sunflower or pea green sprouts!

Put two servings in 16 oz canning jars (Ball Jars), fill to top, and seal tightly with canning lids to ensure freshness and to prevent as much oxidation as possible.  Conversely, you can fill a large 32 oz canning jar to the top and drink the remainder right away 😉  …the large jar holds 2 servings of The Daily Green Juice.


While I have many more recipes that rock (like my favorite high yield green juice called The Kaleidoscope, featured in my free fasting videos), The Daily Green Juice is still the ONE I recommend first – it takes good and it has all the good stuff.  

Enjoy, share this post, and leave your comments below!

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Seven Mean ‘n’ Green Foods You Need To Be Eating!

February 2013

Tina Pruitt Video Message:

Hi! This is Tina Pruitt with and (for those of you who are woman entrepreneurs).

Today, I want to just recap what I consider the 7 Mean ‘n’ Green Foods. Take a look in the right sidebar you’ll see that if you put your name and email address down you get a free guide called the Eat Yourself Healthy: “7 Mean ‘n’ Green Foods” you need to be eating. Yes! You do really need to be eating this…

I really want you to download the guide because it lists all of them out, and gives you the reason why you should be eating each one of them (in very intense detail!).  You also get a couple of free recipes, and who doesn’t want that? One of them is my super Daily Juice recipe!

But what I’m gonna do for you right now is tell you what was 7 Mean ‘n’ Green Foods are! Would that be cool? So, I will go ahead and just tell you what they are, BUT, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to download the guide – because you should. The free guide gives you all kinds of information and more importantly why you should be eating and enjoying greens. The alkalinity. The oxygenation. The help and support that it gives us in our immune system, our liver. The glow that it gives us. The way it makes the wrinkles not so noticeable. There are many amazing reasons and elements about getting more greens in our daily regimen!

I’m not gonna go into all of those fab reasons in this post – why, you ask? Because, for now,  you can go get it for FREE (put name and email in box under video on right) and read it…Okay?

The 7 Mean ‘n’ Green Foods are…

Wheat Grass

Sprouted Greens





Sea Vegetables AND

**BONUS** Chlorella – this is not really a food you can get it in tablet form. Chlorella is an amazing little goodie that you can get at.

I also want to remind you about my Juice Yourself Healthy Guide. It is amazing! Some of my fellow health coaches even use this as part of their program. It is very good and it has a lot recipes in it. You can get it from the Shop page. So check that out!

Please leave a comment below… I can’t wait to see what you can tell about my 7 Mean ‘n’ Green Foods (probably a couple in there that you didn’t think would be in there).

If you like this video, please give it a “like” below and share it with your friends! xo

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Ditch New Year Resolutions, What Do You Want to Feel and Experience?

January 2013

Tina Pruitt Video Message:

It’s 2013! I want to talk about some 2013 good news for everybody.

Now, I am not talking about resolutions. In fact, I would like for you to consider throwing resolutions out when it comes to talking about a new year. Let’s talk about the things that you want to do, you want to feel, and you want to experience.

I want to invite you to consider doing something that I did. Write it out!

(In the video, I show some great super-sized post-it notes I got from the business supply store – they are 11×11 and they have even bigger ones! This particular size I used only comes in this bright yellow.)

So, what I did first was to write down a whole bunch of words that just came to me, just different things like “create” and “fearless” and “wholeness” and “focus” and “freedom”. As I wrote all of these down on this piece of paper, a theme kept coming up for me.

It was FOCUS.

One of the things that I wrote down was specifically, “What gives you focus? AND what takes away focus?” I have found that, FOCUS has been one of my nemesis. Because I am multi-passionate, I love to experience a lot of things. Some would say that may be “dabbling”, but I call it multi-passionate. But the problem with that is, I don’t let my gifts shine out in the brightest way possible, because I’m doing so many things. I just need to really bring that down and focus a little bit more on what my gifts are and let them shine brightly.  You do too!

So after the word mind-dump, I then took one of large pieces of paper (that you get on an easel) and I wrote down two columns – 1) “What gives me focus?”, and 2) “What takes away my focus?” I took two different colored pens and started writing those things down. So, some of the points I listed are about my personal life, relationships, body, etc. And some are about my business and different mentors that I have, or masterminds or groups that I’m in. Once all the items were listed, I could clearly see the things that I really need to let go of, and the things that I really need to get more of that will allow me more focus (to do what I should be doing….shining brightly!).

I do want to mention that I’ve been working on this for days – four or five, six days now. These are sitting out in my living space with all my pens as well.  I’ve sat down and added little things in for maybe for an hour at a time, maybe for 15 minutes, or maybe just two minutes as I go by!  No stress!

Last night I was thinking about some things that I really wanted to do or feel in 2013, and I realized that I’ve had some of these ideas for a very long time. So I again worked on my little post-it note pad and wrote a list of the things that I’d like to do. These are things that are absolutely achievable, and I want to experience those in 2013!

These are some of the little New Year’s activities that I’ve been doing, but know that there are many more tools out there. I probably will experiment with a lot of them (see below for Leonie Dawson’s calendar/planner). And, I don’t care when you’re watching this video – if you’re watching this on the first week of January or if you’re watching this in June or October 2013 – it doesn’t matter!  In fact, it doesn’t matter if it is 2014 or beyond! Just know that at any point you can sit down and do these little exercises or whatever exercises on mind-mapping that work for you.

So one last thing that I’d like to add is… I would like to share a book called THE WAR OF ART by Steven Pressfield that I am currently reading (see link below). Great book on RESISTANCE and how it prevents us from getting our work done. The resistance to do things in our lives that we know are good for us or that will change “the focus”. I highly recommend this to help you get things done in your life and business, and to get “unstuck”.

Thank you for being part of my readership, my viewership – you are loved!

If you like this video, please share it! xo

Also check out!

 Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year workbook, planner & calendar is an incredibly popular & useful tool to help you plan out & make happen your most incredible year in life or busines (or both!). Over the last four years, thousands of women have used this workbook with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make your year your most exceptional yet!

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